The Alpha Course says God Doesn’t Exist

I’ve seen this billboard popping up in various places across the UK…

…which I absolutely adore. For those of you who don’t know what the Alpha Course is, it’s explained in Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit) as:

a basic course on the Christian faith, commonly advertised as “an opportunity to explore the meaning of life”. Originating with the Church of England, the course is currently offered in 152 countries by many different denominations including AnglicanRoman CatholicLutheranBaptistMethodistPentecostal and Orthodox churches.

The aim of the Alpha Course is to put across the ideals of Christianity in a charismatic and friendly manner, not unlike some of the recruitment tactics employed by the Church of Scientology, in an attempt to rope in weak-minded individuals into believing in their particular Big Beard In The Sky. That they’re now using promotional posters presupposing the non-existence of their God delights me to no end.

Incidentally, my blog is less than a week old and already someone has left me a long, rambling, Ctrl+C Ctrl+V comment on the opening post which attempts to promote the ideals of Islam to me by drawing my attention to various passages in the Quran and essentially saying, “See? There is a God. It says so right here.” I can point to any number of books suggesting the existence of any number of talking animals, but that doesn’t mean they exist.